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for North America's High Technology Industry
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A Hire Solution was founded exclusively to meet the growing demand within North America's High Technology Industry.

In addition to being an independently owned technical search firm, we partner with an International
recruiting network. This allows us to expand and enhance our recruiting efforts.

For over 14 years we have focused on software and hardware engineering disciplines, from individual contributor to management and executive level positions.

    Brian Jaeger,     In addition to our main area of focus, we are successful in finding technical personnel in
    President             areas such as marketing, sales, product management and business development.

Areas of specialty and technologies:

  • Operating systems such as:
    Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows CE, Linux, Embedded Linux, Vxworks, Windows mobile, Symbian, MAC, Real time operating systems (RTOS)

  • Software Technologies:
    WDM, KMDF, USB, NDIS, OpenGL, D3D, 802.11, Ethernet, Storage, Wimax, Multimedia, Video, Audio, device drivers, 1394, Modem, HAL, Board Support Package (BSP), Bluetooth, firmware, BIOS, embedded, graphics

  • Hardware:
    Asics's, analog, digital, mixed signal, board design, system design, USB, PCI, PCs, mobile, MPEG, FPGA, physical design, memory, CAD, verification, validation, logic, RTL, SOC, test, system integration

  • Technologies:
    Wireless, 802.11, Bluetooth, VOIP, multimedia, graphics, communications, storage, Wimax, handheld devices, mobile